Sweet Ginger Bread


         Wheat Flour, Whole Wheat Flour, Water, Milk, Sugar, Ginger, Honey,  oil, baking Powder, Salt, Rose Water, Cardamon, Saffron.

نان زنجبیلی

The perfect match with cold milk, Tea or Coffee

نان زنجبیلی سحر را میتوانید  همراه با شیر سرد به عنوان یک وعده غذای کامل،مغذی و خوشمزه  میل فرمایید، نوش جان


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  1. In the United States, this form of gingerbread is sometimes called “gingerbread cake” or “ginger cake” to distinguish it from the harder forms. French pain d’epices is somewhat similar, though generally slightly drier, and involves honey rather than treacle. Originally French

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