"Everyone has a favourite cake, pastry, pudding or pie from when they were kids." Tom Tally
"As chefs, especially pastry chefs, your creativity plays such big part of daily work." Ina Dorsey
"Quality breads and pastries made to order. Beautiful Cakes for Beautiful Occasions." Randy Woods

Sahar Bakery

Family Business Since 2012


ahar Bakery was established in 2012 by Maryam and Saeid. They’ve put a great deal of love and effort into their business to make sure the brand is recognised for its quality and nostalgic taste of over 30 products.

From the early days, their primary focus has been to produce a range of   healthy and tasty products which would appeal to a range of customers. The quality and diversity of their products, along with their excellent customer service in the consumer and commercial fields has led to their success.

With your support, we will continue to deliver on our vision of healthy and tasty range of baked goods with great service!

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